The Best Kelsi Monroe Videos


Kelsi Monroe Porn Videos: The porno biz was trucking along perfectly until two gigantic objects busted onto the industry and blew everybody away. We’re talking about Kelsi Monroe’s two fat ass cheeks. That booty is damn big and just fine, pretty much rippling with fuck flesh. It’s incredible that this girl doesn’t stay seated all day long from carrying that junk around in her trunk, however amazingly, Kelsi is amazingly athletic as well as fit. She can manage the splits, as well as upside down at that, heaving that butt mass over her head. When ever she plants her fingertips on her knees and sticks that rump out, it’s like she carries the magnetic resonance of the Earth’s core there, and every single dick is plated in metal, getting sucked directly into that tush cleavage.

Kelsi Monroe Birthplace is a Florida babe all the way, with the tan outline to prove she’s a slutty sunshine child. With a hot face as well as some great shapely tits, she’s a package deal beyond doubt. She started getting down and sloppy in hardcore movie making at the tender age of nineteen, but you’d think her ass had already enjoyed decades of experience, by the way she works it. There’s no position she can’t manage: the cobra clutch, the pile driver, the reverse standing scissors, the dirty anaconda, etc. When the infamous net studio Brazzers contacted her about doing a massive anal debut for their wickedly wet and wild web-site “Big Wet Butts”, Kelsi jumped aboard that ass-banging train and the World wide web has certainly not been the same since.


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